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Get to know a little about the story of my first novel, there's a poster on the blog (you just have to go in and read a post) Love is not a Reality Show. Get to know a little about the history and about each main character in this story that has already won my heart.

Every Friday I will release a chapter of the book at 7pm for the site's exclusive subscribers, I hope you do!

This story goes through the lives, traumas and loves of four characters, they live together, but they don't really know each other. Despite all the assumptions, everyone keeps secrets, fears and frustrations that only they can remove from their hearts. An event in the life of one of them will force the four to live more closely together and discover that they cannot judge by what comes on the outside when what is happening inside someone is much bigger.

Elisa: is a heartbroken young woman who doesn't believe in love. She studies cinema in New York and has seen her savings go down the drain due to the high cost of living in a large metropolis. She ends up signing up for a contest that will reward the most romantic and chemistry-filled couple on a Reality Show. She just doesn't know yet who her future fake boyfriend is, much less that he will end up becoming real. Will our future filmmaker who hates Reality Shows end up opening her heart to love?

Aidan: an admitted womanizer who deep down is envious of those who manage to fall deeply in love with someone. Despite not having separated parents like most he knows, he never admitted wanting to live like them. He pretends to be someone else to fit into a group he firmly believes is the best choice.

Ethan: Aidan's newest friend who doesn't care much about grades or anything related to having responsibilities. Daddy's boy – at least that's what everyone imagines – who is always late, hungover and even drunk in class, doesn't respect anyone and pretends not to have feelings. No one ever knew anything about his life or knew any relatives who could point to his luxurious life.

Ashley: still in love with a man who cheated on her, no one has ever seen her with him, but there are rumors that he left her even expecting his child. She likes to be the center of attention and does everything she can to hit on Aidan, even if it costs her dignity because he doesn't have eyes for any specific girl on campus, just all of them. At least that's what Ashley and everyone thinks about it.

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