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#04 New door

I have serious problems with endings and finishes, whether good or bad. It's like a piece of who I've become is being taken away from me.

I finish a book that I really liked and I go back to the beginning to start over even if I'm not going to finish it, I watch a film sometimes over and over again so that the scenes don't end, I spend weeks with people who are leaving or will leave my life, months and depending on that person sometimes years thinking about that person.

I know, it sounds crazy maybe it is, but it's who I am. We can change behaviors, attitudes, words, thoughts, but we cannot change who we really are, our essence remains the same.

Changing what can be changed takes time and courage to accept that something no longer makes sense to keep in our lives. That we can no longer have an open scar and expect to live like this for the rest of our days, we cannot allow ourselves to be in places that suck the life out of us and people that sink even more problems into


black door

Changing takes time.

Change takes courage.

Also patience and love to keep the two in constant movement and harmony because without them the process won't happen.

Today it may seem even more difficult to deal with time and changes, everything is so fast-paced that trying to put things in here seems impossible, but it is a challenge that certainly has the possibility of happening.

Trust me, time, courage, patience and of course love will do incredible things for your life.

I'll be here every first day of the month reminding you that it's possible to be happy, we're together...

Kisses 💋


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