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#1 - WeekJournal

This should be the first record of the week of 2023, but I took it off to rest and organize some things that, of course, I couldn't finish everything because I didn't want to do anything in a hurry, let's take it easy.

In fact, I'm writing a post about how to organize your year, everything I do in the first week. It's not easy and to be honest it's quite tiring, but it makes me excited even though I'm still tired from the end of the year celebrations I feel like this is going to be my year, our year you know.

It's not like anyone told me, but I feel with all my soul that I'm going to change my destiny and my future this year. I know that a lot depends on me and I also know that a lot doesn't.

As every year my church holds a prayer and fasting campaign to guide the Lord Jesus throughout the year, this year it was the 5th, 6th and 7th and of course I didn't miss any of them, even though I had the flu and I was very tired I resisted , after all, when we are weak, we are strong.

I'm going to start with some new habits this week and plan some projects, all without rushing because rushing doesn't make things happen at our own time, finish organizing some things and rest a little more, go out more and enjoy the boredom a little more, after all I'm on vacation.

I believe the post will come out this week, even if I haven't finished organizing myself, I'll put it on the air. Have a good rest, I new era of me is started...

kisses 💋





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