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#3° Newdoor

Our Newdoor text every beginning of the month is a motivation letter for you to start another stage of the journey motivated and full of energy to create the life you want.

This reminder even serves me as I write about how capable I am of achieving my dreams, how strong I am to weather the storm and not give up on myself before I even try.

A reminder to take it easy and enjoy the view from the road, that there is no need to run desperately towards an imaginary finish line.

We already know that human satisfaction does not lie in having your achievement in your hands, but in all the stages of the process that will lead you to that moment, which is, yes, very wonderful.

But it's not exactly the time to reach your goal, but every little bit of everything that happened that made you grow, that made you a better human being, a more qualified professional who is much more wonderful.

Everything that comes easy goes easy, and of course our tendency is to not value how much this achievement is worth.

That's it, quick thing, to remind you to enjoy and live in the moment, without stopping dreaming about your goals, valuing, and learning from each step of this journey.

May we share another month of life that will never come back in the best way possible.

Kisses 💋


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