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Our process

Our processes will be long and very impatient, they will be lonely and confusing. But, in the meantime, the answers will emerge, not as if by magic, but as the shape of this entire construction.

It seems bad, going through so much pain alone, without conversations, without help, a dive many meters below the chest.

There will be moments of loneliness, times when no one else will have access to what your eyes see, situations that only you will have access to whenever you want to revisit.

There is no other way to embrace ourselves and try to fit our essence into place without this confusing moment. I can barely organize the words that get confused by sudden thoughts.

The vacant gaze navigates the void in the remote possibility of being able to see a shadow of land in the distance. Something as firm as that can bring a little security, even if it's not really that safe.

The process makes you despair. On the other hand, the feeling is of leaving everything as it is, but time doesn't stop flowing just because my thoughts ask for a break in their existence.

A circumstance with so much antagonism could not be more complicated than trying to understand the way the retina itself behaves and reacts to everything it absorbs around it.

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Squeezing out this unnecessary liquid and leaving you dry to finally receive what you really allow makes us writhe in pain, a pain that will sometimes seem endless.

There is no place, no matter how remote, unexplored or unknown, that you can escape your own fight, a battle that no matter how fast your feet go, it will always arrive with you.

No one can use more wisdom than they possess, even if death is the only thing that prevents someone's love from protecting you, nothing can make you recognize the necessary change.

You may not want to, you may not be ready, but this moment, this process does not ask for your permission, it does not wait to hear you say that you are ready because it is the one who knows best the best moment to take you out of the cocoon, change and feel at home again…

Kisses 💋


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