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People healing, they are also human...

Updated: May 3

The second topic: your parents.

I had a very superficial and generic view of a commercial family. A family is made up of people, human beings full of incredible qualities and annoying flaws, but that is human essentialism.

People healing deep wounds, fighting with themselves every day a much bigger battle beyond their thoughts.

People full of dreams that were mostly poorly buried, full of the desire like every human being to live the life they dreamed of.

You, me and a few other people can have the privilege of living this longed-for life. But thousands more never came close to feel it.

People full of fear and insecurities placed within them from other frustrated lives. People who gave up or didn't get a chance to succeed in what they wanted.

People who fill anything new with mold if not rearranged with caution. But, they are people in their natural essence.

People who protect themselves with almost tangible armor in the face of so many NOS.

They are people being people in their main composition, human...

Kisses 💋


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