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#3° theme: A memory...

Updated: 2 days ago

It was one skin against (with) another of the most genuine and unforgettable, part of me wanted to have him in my arms and when I had him I wanted not to.

In just a few steps his eyes met mine, in a few moments he was touching my hands, in seconds his skin was touching mine.

He slid over my shoulders as if analyzing the best way to feel, to be present in that exact moment. So many eyes were wondering why that hug was so long, so quick for us.

I still wanted to be there, there we could imagine ourselves, travel in the fantasy of being one in the world. I had just cut my roots and already wanted to settle in another land.

I seemed to feel my feet floating above the crowd, as if time and chaos were admiring our lovely moment.

I could feel his excitement about leaving, alone. I would have gone with you if you had asked me. Especially because at that moment all the barriers regarding what was happening between us had collapsed.

No one wanted to notice other than you and me, of all those present there we only wanted each other. You sit next to me and only our chills separate our bodies.

It was such an agony for me to have you so close to me and not have every bit of you completely. I still want to test a kiss on your lips and feel what it tastes like to have you in me.

That day, don't forget, because I haven't forgotten, whenever it plays I loved seeing you, I feel there again. As if I were seeing you for the first time, feeling your skin and knowing our song...

Kisses 💋


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