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Alva, deodorant stone

Alva crystal deodorant review

Firstly, this post is not a comparison, I will only be evaluating the product I use, Cristal stick vegan deodorant 60g from the brand Alva. I haven't tested any other brand to make any comparisons.

I confess that I also didn't really believe that a natural stone taken from rocks would have so many ecological, health and beauty and financial benefits, continue here to discover the incredible benefits of this product, which according to the brand itself is the best-selling in Brazil.

1. First impressions: despite having researched a lot about this product and its variations, I heard (few) reports of people who had an allergic reaction. Because for many years I've been looking for a product that doesn't give me allergies, even products that claim to be anti-allergenic didn't work, so I was hoping that this very natural product would solve my problem.

2. Test: I used it as the label indicated, right after showering with damp armpits or waiting for it to dry, wetting the stone and applying it to the area. I leave the stone to dry naturally before putting the lid on, don't apply anything because this could trigger a reaction in your body.

3. Pros and cons: to be honest I don't have any cons haha, I know some people would miss having a pleasant smell, but it doesn't really bother me.

4. Final assessment: Personally, I don't sweat a lot, so even though it doesn't stop sweating, I practically don't wet my clothes, I stay dry. I also didn't have itching or allergies, it inhibited all sweat odor and I no longer have stains on my clothes like I had with aerosols. It dries quickly when I apply the product, super simple and easy to apply. Oh! One tip, don't get too wet to reach the base where the stone sits, this could make it loosen over time.

I'm in love with the product and I highly recommend it, because it really changed my relationship with deodorants. You can buy with my Amazon affiliate link and help me because it is a product, in my humble opinion, perfect!

He deserves ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

And have you had experience with natural deodorants? Have you heard of them? Have you ever used a different or the same brand? How many hearts do you give for this product? Leave your opinion in the comments.

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