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Christmas Time

Updated: Apr 2

Christmas in New York?

It took time, but better late than never.

Many events so I couldn't come before to talk about the most beautiful, magical, wonderful, spectacular, brilliant, incredible, sensational, full of love, the best time of the year, ever.

I made it clear what how much I love isn't it 😉😅

I know that everything is not as it should be, after all, Christmas is not and has never been about Santa Claus and exchanging gifts, but about the love we receive from Christ and which we can never repay. Everything is so magical and full so bright that we can lose focus in the midst of so much information.

List of gifts that never end, commitments that suck up all our energy, eating until we feel sick. All of this is bad for us and at no point should we forget the real reason for such superficial things.

We must reunite with those we love and thank God for loving us even though we know we will never be able to reciprocate in the same way.

I have always loved Christmas and I'm sure I'm the only one in the family to be so excited about this moment. Not only to be grateful for all the love I receive from Jesus, but for the entire atmosphere of love that is in the air.

Even if most of it is just to meet the deadline, I imagine how wonderful it must be to always live like this, with love and a smile on our face. . With the kindness that doesn't cost us a single penny, with the generosity that we don't see anymore.

Christmas tree and building around it, with angels sculpture
Christmas in New York

I love watching movies especially at Christmas time. It's a personal tradition to watch as many Christmas movies as I can every year. I try, but I can't resist.

And everything seems even more incredible in New York, my favorites to this day are set in this city that for me is the perfect match for the most incredible Christmas of all.

Music, cinema, snow, hot chocolate, people in love, families together, friends enjoying human warmth. Simply, perfect.

Even though this year no film has yet caught my fancy, like The Holiday or another of the many I've watched, but I don't remember the names because I'm terrible at it. I've always wondered if New York is really so perfect at Christmas or is it just the editing that makes everything so incredible at Christmas?

Since I was eleven I have wanted to see the truth with my own eyes, is Christmas and New York really the perfect pair?

Kisses 💋


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