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Hello 27!

I´m 2.7! Let´s talk about the best advice for life.

I still don't feel that way, what I really feel is like I'm in the wrong place. As if life had forgotten about me, it seems that everyone is walking and I am still in the same place. Even though I see a lot of my progress, I still feel behind everyone.

I feel like I'm the last cookie in the package, not because I'm the tastiest, but the one that no one wants because it's all broken, crushed and soft. You can laugh, it's really supposed to be funny, even if I don't see that much funny all the time. The truth is that in bad situations I'd rather laugh than cry.

27 years is a lot and at the same time it's so little if you're one of those people who want to reach 100. Because with all this road ahead, you'd think that at that age we're still young sailors afraid of waves that don't reach us. the edge of the ship. We have much to live for and much to learn.

Every year I review a list that I started when I was 16, every year I think about what the biggest learning I had during my last year of life was, and I add it to that list. Look, honestly, this past year of mine was the most confusing year of my life. Not even the fears of my adolescence at 16 or my doubts about the future after 18 sucked as much of my energy as my 26.

Maybe the pressure of having reached a point full of criticism and expectations of our own and others, a point so close to another point and close to another and that connecting everything becomes a snowball, with choices and decisions that you and I would like to have thought better and who knows, we wouldn't even want to have thought about certain choices that arose as we became old enough for that thing.

Because all ages have something in our timeline that needs to be given an ok in people's boxes and their ideas of success and a perfect life. Wow, how tiring it is to have to deal with other people's frustrations about ourselves, it's already so tiring to have to deal with our own expectations. After all, who deals with the results? No nosy person will want to resolve a problem when it appears in an opinion not given.

Well, the most notable learning this year of my life was that we cannot shorten the rope of our own timeline. What I want to say is that we cannot force processes, skip steps, they exist to be experienced and lead us to learning. Even though many of our choices are based on other stories and many opinions about what we should or shouldn't do, we have a timeline of learning to follow.

And all checkboxes must have a check. Our internal processes throughout life are much more complex than we can explain and much simpler than we want to admit. Life is a crazy mix of questions and answers and the vast majority of them, everyone has their own version. It doesn't matter if your process takes 2 months or 2 years, what really matters is what we really reap from everything we accept to go through to finally be approved and move on to the next phase of our life.

I hope you can look at your own story with more love and understanding. Now, tell me in the comments, what was your most memorable learning experience this year?

Kisses 💋


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