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January 27, 2023, Saturday

Standing in front of a window in a place where I sincerely wish I didn't remember that one day it existed on the map, with feet where the head goes and the head where the feet go, I keep thinking

After all, what I've always done in this life was think, think and think some more. I think I must have been thinking about a lot of random things so far, but what I've been doing these last few days at the end of this month is thinking.

Because thinking is so deep that sometimes I feel like I can feel a lot of what I think wants to touch me, does that make sense? The point is that now, at the most beautiful time of the day - when the sun sets - in my eyes and those who disagree have never loved in their lives. I'm serious in

I'm here asking myself, have you ever thought that you should be living another life in your head instead of the one you live at this very moment? Seriously, tell me you never thought about this?

It's not like I'm saying we all have bad lives, but I feel like we have bad cycles. Those moments in life where there is no more road to run. There is no more landscape to contemplate or new places to see or amazing people to talk to.

You feel in the same place, even though you feel unusually tired in any possible reality because you walk so much and never see a different storefront.

The heart no longer explodes with joy, and the smile is more opaque than a peach wall. Don't you also hate this doldrums and dream of new waves with you on the high seas?

It may sound crazy, but I've never been cold, much less one of those people where everything is great as long as they're wrapped up against the cold. I have always spilled, burning everything and reaching everything and everyone with the best of life.

Being passionate about living may seem like a crazy illness for many, but I was never told that I was like the "normal" people...

Kisses 💋


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