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Jenna on Life's Adventure

His world seemed to be falling apart outside in the same way as his thoughts inside. The upstairs neighbor was a masochist, Jenna thought to herself.

Why would someone spend more than a year renovating a balcony without ever finishing it? And his next-door neighbor, looking like a brainless psychopath, seemed to have lost his original personality, becoming someone more in keeping with the appearance of a psychopath.

Even his musical taste and his notion of other people's freedom seemed to have disappeared, resulting in this sound wave that seems to be piercing his equally confused ideas as his circle of coexistence.

Jenna was slouched on the couch in a way that would explain her constant back pain; she fell asleep briefly even though the comfort of her couch was comparable to a kitchen chair. She never remembered to lie down properly when she felt almost drunk and very drowsy, to the point of listening to someone talking to her, or at least trying, and not remembering a single word.

A distant and familiar sound sounded next to that of his neighbor, who had decided to listen to Pop at 8:15 in the morning at a time that the neighbors could also enjoy, that is, if the entire building was a fan of Pop. Jenna was not on the list.

Despite using all the strength possible holding two pillows to her ears, she admitted that it would be useless to fight against all that chaos. As soon as she sat down and her skin felt the cold of the floor, suddenly silence could cut through time. Even so, the world was collapsing outside and her thoughts rose above the chaos.

She felt an discomfort in her stomach that felt like hunger, but she didn't feel like eating anything. Not even that warm bread with butter from the bakery across the street. She couldn't remember the last time she had shown some joy, she had long seemed like someone with alexithymia.

Everything takes a long time and your ability to sustain this no longer exists. All she wants is the freedom to simply not think about anything else for a long time, she can't dream anymore, they're just worries.

About to lose your mind, agonizing over recurring thoughts, constantly wondering what to do? That was her mistake, always. Questioning yourself to the point of paralyzing many options. She was remembering when she still dreamed, when she walked around the city, a promise she made to herself, not to make stupid mistakes that would make her regret it for the rest of her life.

She felt that something had been lost in her soul, something very important had been lost, something that could return the desire to live back to her heart. Her eyes could no longer imagine a beautiful future, she could barely make out the blue sky when she was in a hurry in traffic.

Her head lowered, she only noticed the gray. She no longer noticed all the colors in so many things around her. Can you imagine a life without colors while before you could see thousands of them, many of which you couldn't even name? It's suffocating to be overflowing with all of this for so long, even today.

It has killed your joy, your will to live. She basically spent her entire life taking care of others, not because she didn't love them, but because it was imposed on her. She forgot about you, until now.

We all know, life is cliché ok. I know. Full stop. But what is also cliché is that life is an adventure. We don't need to have all the answers to start something new or even a new chapter in our lives. Jenna was becoming familiar with this idea.

She has so many shelved dreams that once again the hundreds of options leave her completely lost. She was thinking, as always, would it be necessary for everyone to receive a death sentence for us to truly start living again, the way we really want to live?

But, Jenna knew that at that moment that was exactly what would happen to her. It was already 9:25 and she realized how much she didn't realize all the time she was wasting just thinking.

Even with all those unread messages popping up on the screen, she didn't want to hear any voice, not even her own.

Standing in front of a room turned upside down, with a bathroom to wash and dishes in the sink. Her only concern was: what to do today to truly live, to live how I want? She changed out of her pajamas for clothes a little more presentable to society, put on her sneakers and headed to the door with her camera in hand.

She didn't care about cell phones, at least not today. Suddenly her neighbor turns on the sound again and instead of getting angry, she smiles. She played Vienna by Billy Joel, her favorite song to some extent.

She unlocked the door and went down the stairs, the old building did not have an elevator structure. She turned the door handle and the sun almost changed her mind. Even though she was in doubt, she didn't think too much this time.

Or rather, believe it or not, Jenna didn't think about anything...


Welcome to your newest favorite series. That's right.

Jenna on Life's Adventure is a series of chronicles where I will address topics such as loneliness, indecision and things that can make life a little gray.

Based on personal experiences, friends and family, in addition to, of course, fiction, none of the facts reported will be one hundred percent real, any similarity with reality will be mere coincidences.

The ultimate objective of these chronicles is in fact to help, alert, entertain and perhaps shed light on your problem.

Our first chapter is completely free, but to access the next ones, which will be released every Friday at 8pm, you need to subscribe to our community to have access to exclusive content like this.

To find out more, visit our VIP page.

I hope with all my heart that you like it.

Please let me know what you think about this first chapter below on comments 😉 see you

Kisses 💋


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