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Just feel, now...

I no longer recognize myself, I no longer understand my own provocations and desires, as if I were lying to myself and not as a good listener being my shoulder to lean on.

Drowning between the unspoken words and all the unnecessary ones, thrown out the window as if the world knew they were going to get even more intense.

At the moment, what matters to me would be to be floating, perhaps not in my thoughts because they wouldn't even allow me to float with all their density, the rush almost takes my fingerprints with each letter that is left behind, at night I dive into the situations that drowned me during the day, I go deep and with each stroke I feel all my colors draining away.

Don't forget me, I'm still here with all the promises, with all the dreams, your desires, the traumas and all the scars to remind you that despite everything you were able to overcome all the obstacles that passed you by, no Give up.

Even if for now you haven't woken up feeling like yourself, so good to answer that you are, just put on some headphones, take off your sandals and start to feel the wind, feel the vibration of the sound waves, fly, immerse yourself in the sensation, no. think about nothing now, dive in, feel. Just feel, now...

Kisses 💋


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