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Lessons for life

27 lessons for life

With more than 25 years of walking, I learned some things that ended up changing my life and now I share some of these learnings with you. I'm sure they will help you forever!

1 - Do what you want to do, now!

Life is not a test and all you have is time and you can't take that back. There are no second chances, so live what you really want to live as soon as possible.

2 – Take care of yourself so that others don’t have to

We all already have so many worries, it's not fair to put our lives on someone else's shoulders. Not taking care of yourself is not mature and also very selfish. Take care of your mind, your health and stay well for yourself and others too.

3 - Your life, your choices, your decisions

Don't live anyone's life but your own. Many of us have a family that interferes in our decisions and wants to decide our future, but life is yours alone and even though we know that they want our best, only we know what is really important in our life.

4 – Stop complaining

If you could find yourself with all the blessings you have in your life, you would be much more grateful and complain much less. It's very annoying to live with someone who only knows how to complain, about time, food, commitments, work, everything. Don't be someone others don't want around.

5 - Live lighter

I don't usually watch news on TV because I know what I'm going to see, I try to focus my energy and thoughts on good things, live one day at a time, calmly and lightly, even if it seems impossible I understand that it's better to live like this, you can too.

6 – Worry less

It may seem counterintuitive, but those who worry too much end up frustrated because exactly what they didn't want happens. But, if instead you focus on going with the flow and letting life go your way, you will end up with big surprises. Clear! I'm not saying to sit idly by, but act and let it come back, if it's meant to be, it will be.

7 - Just start

Planning is good, but we often get stuck at this stage wanting everything to be perfect and never getting started on anything. We become stagnant, planning is great when we really know where we want to go.

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