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New Year 2024

Updated: Jan 10

I know you must still be tired from all the end of year celebrations, but this is the time for us to start over.

Reflect on our choices, our projects, frustrations and also learnings. I don't know about you, but I had the most difficult year of my life, God worked a lot on my life internally.

Not even the years I experienced depression and anxiety were as profound as my 2023.

I will take with me a lot of learnings, about myself and some about life. How growing up, maturing and becoming a real adult can hurt.

But, it's also incredibly rewarding. Even though most people I know hate making their own decisions, this for me is certainly one of the best things about becoming a real adult.

Because even if it seems crazy, our ideas can finally conquer the world, even if everything goes wrong in the end, it was our voice that echoed along the way and not anyone else's guess.

I like new beginnings, the beginning of the morning, the Sunday of the week, the first day of the month and of course the first day of the year. It brings a feeling of inexpressive freshness, I can't tell you what's in new beginnings, but I assure you that God is about new beginnings and renewal.

God has placed in my heart that words can help people, he gave me this talent with letters and has made me write, even if I think everything is bad, it is not my talent, but He who is enabling me to reflect in each sentence the that He wants to show.

I know I've been procrastinating a lot about this process of getting back to writing, but I want to make this year the YEAR of turning points in my life.

I always knew that life is just a bullet and you only have one chance to hit the target. I always wanted an extraordinary life full of incredible things.

Have you ever felt something inside yourself, as if someone was saying something in your ears: there is more to life than this. I've been a dreamer for as long as I can remember, I have an unusual imagination, sometimes I even surprise myself.

I was a very happy and smiling child, I miss myself, you know? That girl is who I was truly born to be, and I will find her this year.

My suggestion for a door to open this month is to find yourself again before starting any project. Go back to your most beautiful beginning, the one you look at in the photos and think: wow, I was so smiling, for example. That version of yourself that you admire and miss, that version that perhaps never existed.

Don't give up until you are convinced that you have found and kept this incredible version of yourself right inside your heart, your mind, glued to your soul.

Happy New Year and think about what you just read.

Kisses 💋


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