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Sometimes the past seems

So linear, so peaceful. Long distances distort everything that seems to be and isn't, it makes everything more beautiful, more nostalgic.

It's as if you just had a cup of coffee and left a trace of what it was like a short time ago. The past is untouchable, you can feel it, try to imagine how everything was, but it will never be accurate to what it really was.

Because trying to drag what doesn't exist into what is existing would be such an absurd disbelief of oneself in finding a moment, a better life than it would have been before?

Is it the fear of suffering everything you've already suffered again and perhaps even worse pain? Is it the lack of courage to try again and fail in front of those who want to try to do something? Or is it inertia, laziness in knowing all the renunciation and pain of those who are already on the road and are not willing to do the same?

It can still be all of that, our memories can recover an old smile, a pleasant feeling of a good hug, but it can slowly destroy your hopes for a future. They can end your current good acquisitions or those close to reaching you.

They can take away your desire to dive into the unknown, after all, a bathtub with hot water seems much more appealing than a dip in the cold pool at the gym. You can and should embrace your good memories, just don't invite them to live inside you.

Kisses 💋


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