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You make a decision, you have a path to follow...

What is the serious event, that event, that would make you change your life? An event that puts us against the wall, where the only way out is to fight? Which would be?

This text is not a chronicle or a reflection on life, at least that is the initial idea, we never know how things end in the minds of indecisive people.

When we think we know everything about life, when we see so many colors in the sky that the impression is that it is not just made of blue, when we have not been so hurt, injured or discouraged by life, we feel that we can conquer the world and nothing can prevent, but this wonderful feeling is very short-lived.

We lose the ability to believe in what used to seem so palpable, we get bored with the waiting and everything that was simply so fun is no longer so funny.

The journey gets heavier and nothing or no one else seems to understand what you want or what you say, do and dream for your life. It's as if everything you knew has disappeared without warning, without goodbyes or last conversations, as if your world has been destroyed and you don't know by whom, unless it was, by you?

All of this may not be making any sense, but like I said, maybe no one really understands me.

Who knows, maybe I'll become a confused writer of my generation, after all, they like to pretend they understand minds so confused that they don't even understand themselves.

We expect to be valued when others value us and admire our qualities even if we know what they are, despite this knowledge about ourselves exhaustively searching for external validation, the more the merrier.

The box never seems to fill up and even when it seems full, a single word can take the fund much further. Look up, stop looking down, it's always so gray and lifeless, looking up you can see life and blue, it's still there, you still can't see it anymore.

Don't stop pursuing your dreams, don't abandon them halfway, decide that your option is to achieve it despite anything. Living without dreams is like surviving, life needs adventures and incredible stories to be told by you, face fear and see who gives up first. It won't be you, believe me.

Don't give up on yourself when the world does, because I once read somewhere that we are the greatest miracle of nature, I would say life. We are the greatest miracle of life, don't leave it without good meanings or purposes that can change the world.

I would say to myself, before experiencing some of the pain, the fear, the frustration, the hurt of others, I would say that even feeling everything like this would still be worth it because if somehow I don't feel it when I'm sleeping and I see the dawn, breathing, feeling the sun and seeing the sky some greater reason and purpose has my life continuing on earth.

God knows everything I need to do and that's why he hasn't taken me yet, even though I've made this request a few times. I understand that countless times you, like me, question whether it's still worth it, after all, the world is upside down and everyone seems to think it's very normal and you don't understand why what you see isn't coming, but calm down.

Take a deep breath and continue, your life is still worth it, don't stop enjoying it...

Kisses 💋


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